X-Wing Miniatures – The Force Awakes / Millennium Falcon Bundle & Other Prizes!

George at GJJ Games has teamed up with several sponsors, including myself, to bring you the Tabletop Game Giveaways and Contests 1000 Member Prize Celebration! I have donated Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures – The Force Awakens and Millennium Falcon Expansion. Contest ends February 29th 2016.

Prizes Include:

  1. Snowball Fight and 4th Grade Confidential – from GJJ Games (US Only)
  2. Get Bit – from Everything Board Games (US Only)
  3. Terra Mystica – from Happy Otter Games (Worldwide)
  4. $25 Gift Certificate – from The Game Crafter (Worldwide)
  5. $25 Gift Certificate – from The Game Crafter (Worldwide)
  6. Bomb Squad – from Smarter Backer (US Only)
  7. Cabaret – from Know Chance Games ()
  8. Karma – from Set Enterprises (Worldwide)
  9. A Set of 3 10″x 10″ Board Gaming Posters – from Geeky Goodies (Worldwide)
  10. Siege of Verdan Promo Cards – from Jester’s Hand Publishing ()
  11. Trainmaker – from Grey Gnome Games (Worldwide)
  12. Supershow Game Pack (featuring 2 competitors, a rule book, 2 Supershow dice, and 2 alternate art competitor cards) – from SRG Universe (US Only)
  13. … – from BOOYAH Games ()
  14. Boss Monster 2 – from PieceKeeper Games (US Only)
  15. Strife: Legacy of the Eternals – from V3G (US/CA Only)
  16. The Siblings Trouble or GemPacked Cards (winner’s choice) – from Pencil First Games (US only)
  17. Flip the Bird – from Terry Hawkins & Andrea Carroll ()
  18. One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak (opened, but unplayed and complete) – from Michael Vannoy (US Only)
  19. Gate Keeper Games promo items – from Gate Keeper Games ()
  20. Linkage, Peptide, or Ion (winner’s choice) – from Genius Games (Worldwide)
  21. Linkage, Peptide, or Ion (winner’s choice) – from Genius Games (US Only)
  22. Linkage, Peptide, or Ion (winner’s choice) – from Genius Games (US Only)
  23. Yardmaster (Kickstarter edition) – from Andrew Charles (US Only)
  24. Project Dreamscape – from Undine Studios (thanks EBG for finding this sponsor) ()
  25. Codenames – from The Gaming Goat, DeKalb, IL ()
  26. X-Wing Miniatures – The Force Awakens Core and Millennium Falcon Expansion – from Board Game Giveaway.com

Click on the image below to be taken to the contest entry page.


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