What’s In the Box?

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this project so in the beginning it was something I did as a sort of experiment to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to do something like this for quite sometime but I had a lot of self doubt and fear of putting myself out there for the judgement of the community. I am a pretty reserved person while in public so I really had to force myself to get going with this. Of course I had high hopes for the site and while it took a couple months for it to really take off, I was not disappointed. I didn’t really count on how much fun I would actually have with this and believe me when I say I am having a blast, it’s worth just doing for that fact alone. I like making people happy, it makes me happy to be able to spread joy in some small way.

I am so glad I made the changes to the site cause let me tell you, the currently running contest for Lords of Waterdeep far surpassed my previous and I actually attracted the attention of some interested parties. With that I am happy to announce that I have a sponsor, we’ll see how it goes but for now I am currently in possession of a game, sponsored for next month. Send your love and thanks to Boardgameprices.com for their awesomeness! How freaking cool is that? I am so pumped right now I can hardly contain it! This of course means that there will be more than one giveaway next month, so stay tuned for the official announcement on the 20th of June where I will be revealing the sponsored game.


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