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I have to be honest, I’m not a couponer or deal hunter by any stretch of the imagination, I simply don’t have the patience, time or care for that matter; I searched Google for coupon codes when shopping online trying to find that perfect deal that fit my specific need a few times and you know what I found? Frustration over the amount of time I wasted for very little reward, I don’t like frustration, I try to avoid it like the plague. I found the same deals on just about every site I visited, as if someone was just copy and pasting deals from one site onto another and over half of them were expired or didn’t work.

I am an impatient shopper both in-store and online, I usually know what I want when I go to a store, go in, get it and get out as fast as humanly possible, the same goes for online shopping; I don’t shop around looking for the best price, I just go to an online shop I am familiar with and check out my item, badda bing, done! Then there was Dealspotr!

What is Dealspotr?

The simple answer, Dealspotr is a community driven deals site that rewards you with Amazon.com Gift Cards for sharing and editing deals! Pretty crazy right? That’s what I thought at first too!

“Yeah, we’ll see.” I scoffed as I visited the site for the first time after being approached to write this review.

I signed up for my Influencer account using the code the representative gave me and right off the bat was awarded with 5,000 points; the points can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards at 10,000 points for a $10 GC. Intrigued, I continued down the rabbit hole and after completion of my initiation checklist was redeeming 30,000 points for a $30 GC! I received the E-Gift Card in my inbox a few days later, check it!

Dealspotr - Amazon Gift Card

Applied to my account. Click to enlarge!

Get your first 5,000 points when you signup using my link and entering the code: GIVEAWAYGEEK

I have to say it truly is quite engaging! They give you a daily check list to complete for extra points; you get extra points for posting a deal, validating a deal, referrals and more!

Posting and Validating Deals

You get a small base reward when posting deals; however, the more you post, your reward increases. The posting guidelines, user friendly format and community ensures that the deals that are posted are unique(no duplicate deals) and accurate; when posting a deal there is a requirement to validate the deal with a screenshot to show that deal works.

You get a small base reward when validating deals; however, the more you validate, your reward increases. Validating deals is your way to ensure the deals you come across on Dealspotr are real and have accurate information by providing evidence that the deal is valid in the form of a screenshot of the deal on the site homepage for example.

There is a rating system called, the Accuracy Score which acts as a modifier to your base reward, the higher your Accuracy score, the more the reward for posting and validating. Your accuracy score is determined by… well… the accuracy of the information you provide while posting and validating and may increase or decrease accordingly, it also determines how many deals you can post and validate per day, the higher the score, the more you can post.


When you register for an account on Dealspotr you are given a referral link and personal promo code that you can use while sharing your deals on social media or your blog. For everyone that registers an account through your referral, you get reward points, not to mention an ongoing percentage of the points they earn over the lifetime of their account! The more active members you refer, the more points you accrue, the more money you earn!

I may not be a couponer but I’m sold on Dealspotr, a great way to save money, help others save money and earn money; it’s a win win all around! The only negative thing I can think of to say about Dealspotr is that, as of yet, there isn’t a gamer crowd sharing decent board game deals, so this is the part where I ask you to join me and bring the world of board gaming to Dealspotr and help me help you help me!

Get your first 5,000 points when you signup using my link and entering the code: GIVEAWAYGEEK

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