We the Meeple $25 Gift Certificate Winner

Good day! I am pleased to bring you the results of another awesome giveaway! The winner of the We the Meeple $25 Gift Certificate is Riccardo Previdi! Congratulations Riccardo! A big thanks goes out to We the Meeple for generously sponsoring this giveaway and to Boardgameprices.com for making it happen!

December is approaching and we all know what that means! Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Christmas, two over commercialized, cash grab franchises that we all still love for some reason. This December I am planning a major giveaway event to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film; 12 Days of Christmas Star Wars Giveaway. Tell your friends, spread the word, donate a game to the cause. Visit the promo page for more info.

Do not pass up the opportunities that await on this site; Mysterium and $25 Gift Certificate to Miniature Market, sponsored by Miniature Market; $25 Gift Certificate to Coolstuffinc.com, sponsored by Coolftuffinc.com andBoardgameprices.com; Android: Netrunner, sponsored by Deck60 Online and Boardgameprices.com.

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