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We have a winner – $200 Cash: An other summer has come and gone but that’s fine by me as it opens up to the best time of the year in my personal opinion, Autumn! Everything starts winding down, the tourists go home, the kids go back to school, the towns are a bit quieter; it’s not quiet so hot but not too cold, the smells in the air, the changing colors and the hunting season but I digress. You are not here to hear me ramble on about the joys of Autumn or at all for that matter.

I decided to do something a bit different than the usual giveaways I always do, so near the beginning of summer I started an Outdoor Summer Photo Contest where the contestants were to snap a photo of someone playing any kind of board game outdoors, I had it run all summer long and upped the prize to $200 to help generate interest. The first half of the summer was open submissions and the last half was voting, the person with the most votes would win the prize.

I didn’t expect to get too many entrants, probably 10-15 so I was pleased with the 11 that entered, although they cut it close, at first I was discouraged, I didn’t think anyone was going to enter the contest, better late than never. I do want to personally thank all of you who did enter the contest, there were some really good photos taken and a lot of thought went into some of them.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

MunchkinThe HobbitKing of Tokyo

However, not everyone can win and some people ran a better marketing campaign than others. Two photos were neck and neck pretty much the whole way through the voting process, it was difficult to predict who would come out on top, that didn’t stop me from making my own prediction and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong! The runner up photo with 699 votes ran a giveaway campaign with voting as an entry option, pretty clever I might add, though not enough to take him to the top.


Since there could only be one winner, one photo had risen above the rest to take the #1 spot in the number of votes with 749! If I’m not mistaken she was also the first entrant into the contest. For clarification all entrants had equal time to gather votes so she had no advantage over any other except that she was good at getting people to vote! Congratulation Tee A for winning the $200 cash prize, which has already been transferred over to her.

I am new to your website. My husband loves all sorts of games and a
friend of mine brought your site to my attention. Your website has
been informative and given me ideas to games to purchase for my

Thank you so much!

Tee A


Honorable Mentions:

KarubaTimber TomCastle PanicPower GridFlick Em Upimage (10)

Games that were represented by this contest:

Timber Tom

Thank you again to all of the contestants, your participation is appreciated and I hope that if I do something similar again in the future you would all be a part!

Ryan Camick
The Giveaway Geek

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