Tis the Season of Board Game Cons – Weekend Pass Giveaway

Hello once again! It is I, your friendly, not in a creepy way, neighborhood, sun burnt, home town representn’ Giveaway Dude. Have you ever thought about vacationing in Utah? Why Utah you ask? Well because I am and the folks over at STGCON are giving away, not 1, not 2 but 3 pairs of weekend passes to this Board Game Giveaway community! I, unfortunately, will be unable to attend but perhaps I can live vicariously through a few of you when you win these, pretty darn cool prizes. I don’t know yet but perhaps I’ll even donate a game or two as prizes for the convention, I’ll have to talk to the powers that be. Anyway, thinking out loud. I will be running this giveaway for 2 of the pairs until next Sunday, the 2nd of August. I will run a giveaway for the last pair starting then until the following Sunday, the 9th. I wanted to space it out more and run three giveaways but the Con date is fast approaching, Aug. 21 – 23, and I wanted to at least give the winners a chance to plan for the trip. Cutting it close I know but it is what it is.  So without further ado.


Please join us in beautiful St. George, Utah for 54 straight hours of board gaming fun! With new arrivals, old favorites, and everything in between, you are sure to find a game you like! We will have plenty of scheduled learning, open gaming space, vendors, a flea market, play-to-win gaming, and of course, tournaments of popular favorites with prizes for the winners!!
Check out our website, http://stgcon.org for a great deal on lodging for the event, special event sign-ups, and discounted pre-registration prices!

Please Read

There will be two winners for this giveaway, both prizes are of equal value. The winners will receive 1 pair of weekend passes, received upon arrival with a photo ID. I will relay the names of the winners to the Convention people, all you then need to do is show up. I nor the Convention is to be held responsible for loss of prize due to inability to make the trip, sorry. Nor are we responsible for any lost luggage, jet lag, car accidents, poison ivy, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. (not an exhaustive list) that may occur as a result of the trip. Further more please read my official giveaway rules before entering. For any questions or concerns, concerning the Convention itself you can contact them from their website Stgcon.org/contact-us.

Before you go make sure to check out my other giveaways running right now for Castles of Mad King Ludwig, sponsored by Boardgameprices.com and Star Realms, sponsored by me. 😉 Also check out the awesome Questsofquirkiness.com for pretty cool cosplay ideas and great board game reviews.

STGCON Weekend Pass Giveaway

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