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The Insanely Popular Star Realms

Star Realms

Star Realms Board Game Review by Ronny Alexander – Co-op Board Games. Star Realms is an insanely popular deck building game from White Wizard Games.

Star Realms Bundle – Board Game Giveaway – Ended

Enter to Win – Star Realms Bundle – Board Game Giveaway Welcome to the The Giveaway Geek, the geek that keeps on giving; I am pleased to announce that I am giving away a copy of the board game, Star Realms, Colony Wars and Gambit Set, enter below for a

I’ve Decided I’m Going to Go Mad

Well well well, it’s about time! I don’t know what it was but July seemed to drag on and on without end but it’s thankfully over. With the month’s timely demise also ends two giveaways, one for Castles of Mad King Ludwig, sponsored by Boardgameprices.com and one for Star Realms.

Tis the Season of Board Game Cons – Weekend Pass Giveaway

Hello once again! It is I, your friendly, not in a creepy way, neighborhood, sun burnt, home town representn’ Giveaway Dude. Have you ever thought about vacationing in Utah? Why Utah you ask? Well because I am and the folks over at STGCON are giving away, not 1, not 2