T-Shirt Giveaway by Geeky Goodies

Geeky Goodies T-Shirt

Welcome to The Giveaway Geek! I am happy to announce that Geeky Goodies and I have teamed up to bring you the giveaway for a free T-Shirt, size and design of winners choice!

This giveaway is for one T-Shirt from Geek Goodies. This contest will end November 11th, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST and is open World Wide.

About Geeky Goodies:

Chris Cormier is one half of a husband-and-wife design team working in the marketing and graphic design world during the day and fighting crime, dragons, zombie attacks & global pandemics, while playing board games by night.

Chris has been helping small and medium-sized businesses communicate their message and grow for more than 20 years and Geeky Goodies has become his creative outlet to share his passion for board gaming and other geeky fandoms with the world.

When not designing Tshirts or playing board games, Chris is a guy with many passions.

He spends a lot of time obsessing over Doctor Who, reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV programs, rethemeing board and card games. He is passionate about his dog, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, hockey, reggae music, old movies, and spends far too much time connecting with other board game geeks on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Chris’ wife, Sherri, is his creative partner, constructive critic, Editor-In-Chief, bouncer-of-ideas, profanity filter-er, external flash memory drive and soul-mate.

Geeky Goodies

Please make sure you read the official Giveaway Geek rules before entering. For any questions, thoughts or feedback leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this post or use the form on my contact page to shoot me an email.

The winner will be contacted via email upon which the individual will be required to respond within 48 hours or a runner-up winner will be selected.

T-Shirt Giveaway by Geeky Goodies

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