Space Base Mutiny Giveaway by Dimensional Board Games

I am happy to announce that Dimensional Board Games and I have teamed up to bring you the Space Base Mutiny Giveaway!

This giveaway will provide 10 winners with a copy of the game. This contest will end August 31th, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST and is open World Wide. This game is currently on Kickstarter, and is 100% funded. The game will be awarded to the winners when copies are dispatched to backers in November. Visit to see the Kickstarter and back it for just $1!

About Space Base Mutiny from Dimensional Board Games:

YOUR MISSION: Command units with unique race powers to take over systems in the base. Then turn those systems against your opponent!

Space Base Mutiny uses a unique area collection mechanic; when you occupy 3 spaces of the same color, you gain control of that color system. Each system gives you a special power that you can use on future turns. You can use the Weapons System to attack 2 adjacent units, the Air Lock System to jettison 2 enemy units into the vacum of space, the Gravity System to tumble units around the base, and the Command System to negotiate disarmament.

In addition to these system powers, there are 24 units (tokens), each with one of 6 unique race powers. Each time you use a unit to invade a space, you trigger that unit’s Space Base Mutinyrace power. Cyborgs hack into the systems, Parasites infect enemy units, Telepaths use mind control to attack adjacent units, Space Worms breach the hull to attack outer units, Humans negotiate disarmament, and Blobs copy the race powers of the units they attack.

Will you become the galactic empire’s next commander, or just another footnote in galactic history?

Please make sure you read the official Giveaway Geek rules before entering. For any questions, thoughts or feedback leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this post or use the form on my contact page to shoot me an email.

The winner will be contacted via email upon which the individual will be required to respond within 48 hours or a runner-up winner will be selected.

Space Base Mutiny Giveaway by Dimensional Board Games

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