I want to thank you so much for your support! My name is Ryan Camick. The Giveaway Geek is a general Giveaway site that hosts my own and sponsored giveaways for merchandise such as video games and tech, with a primary focus on board games.

When I first started I was Board Game Giveaway and only hosted giveaways for Board Games but wanted to reach out to wider audience in an attempt to introduce board gaming to more people, that’s when I changed to The Giveaway Geek.

I started the site with tax return money and the first giveaway was Star Trek: Catan. When I started, I was buying all the games for the giveaways, I had no sponsors and barely any traffic but as time went on, an interested party, BoardGamePrices . com reached out a hand and helped me by getting my first sponsors.

My goal is to bring even more giveaways to you and better content such as product reviews and relevant articles, while helping new creators (Kickstarters, Reviewers, Youtubers and Podcasters) and cover the cost of operation (Domain and Hosting, Advertising and Giveaways).

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