Pandemic: Contagion Giveaway

Hello to you all and welcome to yet another awesome giveaway opportunity. This month I will be giving away a brand spankin’ new and unopened copy of Pandemic: Contagion by Z-Man Games, sponsored by I have never actually played this game before but I love Pandemic and in this one you get to play as the disease! What’s not to love? Gaming; an avenue for us all to lie, cheat, steal, murder and just be an all around bad guy with no real world consequence. Did that sound to cynical? I’m sorry. :p

Please make sure you read the official Board Game Giveaway rules before entering.Β Check out theΒ wall of winners for photos of past contest winners with their prizes and send your congrat to the luckiest people in the world… well… that’s a bit of a stretch. For any questions, comments or snide remarks leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this post or use the form on my contact page to shoot me an email.

Send your appreciation over to the guys at for making this giveaway possible!Β Check out Z-Man Games for more awesome games. Also go toΒ for some pretty sweet cosplay ideas and great game reviews.

The winner will be contacted via email upon which the individual will be required to send me their mailing address so I can get the game to them ASAP.

Pandemic: Contagion

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