Mid Month Memorandum

Hello everybody. How are you all this fine afternoon? Aside from missing out on game night tonight due to work I am doing awesome. I was able to personally hand over the Love Letter: Batman game to my friend Diane, so that was pretty darn cool. I should have had both of us in the photo but no one else was around to snap the photo 🙁 Oh well. If any of my other friends ever win I’ll be sure to sneak in the photo, if they let me.

Whoopee!  Thank you, this will be fun. - Diane Adams

Whoopee! Thank you, this will be fun. – Diane Adams

I’ve had a lot going on this month on this site and am super excited with the possibilities. It’s still pretty early so I’ll take it a day at a time. Just a quick recap, I’ve given away a $25 gift certificate to Coolstuffinc.com, Love Letter: Batman; am in the process of giving away Star Realms and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. In light of all of that I want to bring us all back to the main giveaway for this month, just as a quick reminder for those who have already entered, you can still get more entries by referring friends and by checking in once a day to get your daily entry; and to those who may have missed the first announcement and all the Facebook and Twitter posts, now is you chance to get as many entries as you can! Also check out my other giveaway for Star Realms, both contests are running until the end of the month.

Be sure to check out Boardgameprices.com, it is a great resource for searching and running price comparisons on your favorite games.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Giveaway

PS – As I was writing this post I heard a clatter in my front porch. I get up to see what all the commotion is about and what do I discover other than a nice box from Mayday Games! Excited I rush back inside with the box and tear it open to find this beautiful treasure within; two copies of the Kickstarter game I backed near the beginning of the year, Viceroy! So you know what that means? It mean one copy for me and one copy for one of you! Stay tuned next month sometime.


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