Megagame: Sengoku 2


Join West Coast Megagames for the second megagame in Sacramento–to take place on January 9, 2016!

From West Coast Megagames:

SengokuI am so pleased to share that we are hosting another megagame–Sengoku–on Saturday, January 9, 2016 in downtown Sacramento. We were thrilled to have over 80 players and volunteers  at our inaugural event in January 2015; they came from Sacramento, the Bay Area, and as far as Portland, Oregon, San Diego, and London, to participate in a new kind of gaming experience.

>>Read our participant and organizer wrap-up report from the 2015 Sengoku (

That event showed us that megagames are incredible opportunities for people to interact with games in a new way–whether they play board, video, or role playing games. What’s important is that people come with the interest to participate in a truly unique event. We’re interested in finding new ways for participants to contribute their enthusiasm and creativity.

Megagames, which were created by the Megagame Makers in the UK, have taken gaming communities around the world by storm in the past year. Megagames merge together problem solving, strategy, negotiation, and humor in a game event that involves 30-100 players around any given subject – whether an historical event (as in the case of Sengoku), or sci-fi plots (such as aliens invading the world).

>>Learn more about the Megagame format and experience ( and learn about megagames, check out the fantastic video by the Shut Up & Sit Down team showing how it works:

Sengoku is centered around political intrigue and military activity during the Japanese Sengoku-era (the second half of the 16th Century), a time of great military and social upheaval – an era ideal for a megagame.

We are going to be offering two tickets through Sign-up today to put your name in the mix, and get ready to visit Sacramento for the gaming experience of a lifetime!

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