I’ve Decided I’m Going to Go Mad

Well well well, it’s about time! I don’t know what it was but July seemed to drag on and on without end but it’s thankfully over. With the month’s timely demise also ends two giveaways, one for Castles of Mad King Ludwig, sponsored by Boardgameprices.com and one for Star Realms. I am trying to write this post using my iPhone and it is quite maddening, how appropriate.

Now let’s get down to why we are all here, the winner of the Boardgameprices.com sponsored Castles of Mad King Ludwig is Jim Marillion. The winner of Star Realms is Trevor Henderson! Congrats Jim and Trevor, I will get the games out to you ASAP.

Thank you Boardgameprices.com for making this Castles of Mad King Ludwig giveaway possible and for all the help.

Don’t forget to sign up for the next giveaway for Pandemic: Contagion.

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