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Welcome to the The Giveaway Geek, the geek that keeps on giving; I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Twogether Studios, who’s new game, Illimat, after a successful Kickstarter that funded almost 1,000% of its goal, just became available for purchase on and (just in time for holiday shoppers!). Illimat is a new modern classic that looks like an old-world game, thanks to Carson Ellis’ timeless illustrations—it’s perfect for bringing people from every generation together for game night. We present to you the Illimat Giveaway! Enter to win below, good luck!

The giveaway is for 3 copies of Illimat (3 winners). The individual prize value is approximately $40 USD. This giveaway will end December 28, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST and is open to US Only – Some exclusions may apply.

Please make sure you read the official Giveaway Geek rules before entering. For any questions, thoughts or feedback leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this post or use the form on my contact page to shoot me an email.

About Illimat

Illimat Giveaway

Twogether Studios and The Decemberists are excited to announce the launch of their highly anticipated card game, Illimat. Designed in collaboration with the band, illustrator Carson Ellis, and game designer Keith Baker, Illimat is an heirloom-quality tabletop game destined to become a perennial classic. After concluding a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that funded nearly 1,000% of its goal, the game is now a reality.

“In developing Illimat, we wanted to play a game that felt familiar and traditional while also being unlike anything else,” said Baker. “It draws inspiration from classic card games such as hearts and cassino, but there’s a twist: the Illimat, a centerpiece that affects gameplay. By rotating the Illimat you change what’s possible in each quadrant of the board, adding a level of choice and strategy that makes each game a unique experience. It’s a game I can play with friends who are hardcore gamers, but also with my father, whose preferred games are gin and backgammon.”

Illimat began life in 2009 as a prop, created by Ellis and photographer Autumn de Wilde, for a Decemberists photo shoot for the album Hazards of Love, in which the band portrayed a secret society playing a weird and wonderful game.

“Playing board games before going on stage has become a ritual,” says Colin Meloy, lead singer of The Decemberists. Inspired by the photo shoot—and their love of games—the band approached Twogether Studios to see if they could turn this fictional game into a reality.

“I’ve been collaborating with Colin, who is my husband, for more than 15 years, and I really liked having a new outlet for that collaboration,” said Ellis. “Each suit has a different set of symbols associated with it: there are elements I pulled from the songs in Hazards of Love. I’m attached to the game because it’s been a really interesting collaboration, and also because of its relationship to a record that I really love. I hope that comes across in the art.”

Lovingly crafted from high-quality materials, Illimat feels like a centuries-old card game from a forgotten past, yet it’s compelling to modern players and perfectly at home next to timeless classics like backgammon, bridge, and chess. Two to four players can play a single hand of this easily learned, dynamic game in just fifteen minutes, making Illimat a perfect addition to holiday get-togethers, family game nights, and secret society events worldwide.

Illimat retails for $40.00 and is available for purchase at and

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