I Will Send the Pestilence Among You

I am excited to find out who the winner of my current giveaways will be but before we get to that in just under a couple weeks; it is now time to announce August’s lineup of giveaways. To kick us off at the beginning of the month I will be giving away Pandemic: Contagion by Z-Man Games, sponsored by Boardgameprices.com! I love Pandemic but this one you actually play as the disease! How awesome is that? Remember when, all the way back at the launch of this site, for those who were around then, I said I had planned to give away a Kickstarter game I backed called Viceroy by Mayday Games? Well I am pleased to announce that it has finally arrived and will be the second giveaway in August, beginning August 10th and running to the end of the month! I got two copies, so one I will keep for myself and the other will go to our lucky winner. Also keep an eye out for any spontaneous giveaways that may pop up unannounced! 😉


I would like to give a shout out the owner of Boardgameprices.com for your continued interest and support of this project! Thank you so much for all the help and ideas, you are really helping me realize my goals for this site.

Thank you also to Z-Man Games and Mayday Games for allowing me to utilize the images and names of their games for these giveaways! I appreciate it very much.

Be sure to check out the game review for Scoville by TMG (Tasty Minstrel Games) over at Quests of Quirkiness.

Don’t forget to check in everyday for your daily entries for my current giveaways for Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Star Realms! Both are only running until the end of this month so there isn’t much time left!

Have a great day everyone and happy gaming!


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