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New York 1901

The good folks over at EverythingBoardGames.com and Blue Orange Games is giving away a copy of the board game, New York 1901.
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From BGG

New York 1901“Relive the dawn of modern New York City, the historic years that made it what it is today. Build bigger and higher skyscrapers on some of Lower Manhattan’s most iconic streets. Raise one of four legendary skyscrapers — the Park Row, the Singer, the Metropolitan Life, or the majestic Woolworth — and make one of them the crown jewel of your real estate empire!

In New York 1901, the players are building skyscrapers on a map of New York’s Financial District. Players take location cards from a cards’ display and then use 2-3 of those location cards to place tetris-shaped building tiles on the board. They first build bronze level buildings. Later in the game those buildings can be replaced by silver level and then gold level buildings.”

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