Eldritch Horror Winner

Eldritch Horror Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone for making the Eldritch Horror Giveaway the most successful giveaway to date. What a turn out! I’m grateful to be able to run these contests I am still having a blast, if all goes well and according to plan there is more and bigger things lined up for the future, so keep your fingers crossed as we head into the unknown. In the meantime I am pleased to announce the Eldritch Horror Winner is Jimmy Mero! Congratulations Jimmy, you will be receiving your game in the mail very soon. Big thanks to Boardgameprices.com and Deck60 Online for making this giveaway possible!

For all but one who didn’t win the giveaway for Eldritch Horror and still wish to acquire a copy, search Boardgameprices.com for the best possible price for that and all your board game price inquiries. For some cool board game t-shirts and other cool merch visit Geeky Goodies and browse what they have to offer.

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