Earth’s Mightiest…

Konrad Tatarczuk, Alex Smith and Brad Rochford, congratulations to you three for victoriously defeating your foes in the fierce competition for Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers VS X-Men Dice Building Game by Wizkids. Konrad buddy, it was a close one, I was placing my bets on you but there for a while it didn’t look like you were going to make it but you pulled through! Awesome job guys! I will have your games shipped off as soon as I can. Enjoy!

A big congrats to the winner of the main prize for the month, Travis Pogmore get’s a new copy of Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game by Upper Deck! I want to give a special shout out and big thank you to the sponsors of this amazing prize.

Give a visit to

unnamed brings together over 35,000 different board games and prices from an ever-growing list of online stores. Created in 2007, our price comparison engine has helped buyers in just about every country of the world find the best prices for their board games. Our database is constantly being updated and improved. If you are a game merchant, please feel free to contact us for more information about being listed on BoardGamePrices.comcopy and pasted from’s about page.

Give a visit to Dicey Goblin; I mean look at that box! Who wouldn’t want a box like that? You can tell they care about their business, customer and product. I almost don’t want to get rid of it, so congrats Travis on securing that awesome Dicey Goblin shipping box:


Did you know there’s a charity that gets together to play video games and support sick children? It’s called Extra Life. Did you know there’s a collection of two hundred thousand vintage toys waiting for enough funding to open a museum? That’s the Austin Toy Museum. Most potential supporters don’t know these great communities exist, but It’s ok, we still love you.

There’s plenty that can be done to inspire creative intelligence, but we all need to band together and turn this quiet introverted voice into a bellowing resonance. The amount of creative ideas that never see the light of day is saddening. That’s why at Dicey we are seeking out partnerships with these communities to help support their funding. Every time you make a purchase, we will donate a portion of the proceeds towards various concepts. In exchange for your purchase, your shipping is always free, no matter what. You can read more on our communities page. – copy and pasted from Dicey Goblin’s about page.

Thank you all for sticking it out with me as I muddle through this, learning and growing along the way. I hope to continue this far into the future and I hope to see you all there with me.

Have a great day and as always happy gaming!

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