Character Meeples 2.0 Giveaway by Meeple Source

I am happy to announce that Meeple Source and I have teamed up to bring you the Character Meeples 2.0 Giveaway!

This giveaway is for 3 sets of 10 individually chosen Meeples from Meeple Source’s new 2.0 line of Character Meeples (three winners). This contest will end August 29th, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST and is open World Wide. Character Meeples 2.0 is now currently live on Kickstarter, show your support and become a backer!

About Meeple Source and Character Meeples 2.0 from Kickstarter:

Meeple Source makes a wide variety of custom bits for games — character meeples, mini meeples, mega meeples, animeeples, cubes, shaped resource bits — you name it!

Chris and Cynthia Landon are the siblings that own and operate Meeple Source. Andrea is the fantastic artist behind all of these new Character Meeples, and the overwhelming majority of our Character Meeples and upgraded resource bits to date. Karen and Erika are an incredibly important part of our quality control, packaging, and shipping team.

Located in Orlando, FL, we are a small family business that takes great pride in superb product quality and excellent customer service!

Meeple Source is back with another great Character Meeple Kickstarter project!Meeples

It’s been over 2 years since our first groundbreaking Kickstarter project that brought you 150 new Character Meeples, most of which were chosen by you, the backers! We have had tons of new ideas, and many of you have too, from the many requests that we’ve received.

The goal of this Kickstarter project is to create quite a few brand new deluxe Character Meeples, some for use in particular games (Codenames, Colt Express, Near and Far, Stone Age, Imperial Settlers, Aquasphere, Champions of Midgard, and more to come), and others for use in any game you love – simply because they are awesome! – See More

Please make sure you read the official Giveaway Geek rules before entering. For any questions, thoughts or feedback leave a comment using the form at the bottom of this post or use the form on my contact page to shoot me an email.

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The winner will be contacted via email upon which the individual will be required to respond within 48 hours or a runner-up winner will be selected.

Character Meeples 2.0 Giveaway by Meeple Source

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