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Welcome to The Giveaway Geek, the geek that keeps on giving! I am currently working on an extension project for The Giveaway Geek that requires some outside assistance and I am reaching out to this community with a plea for help! Is there anyone well versed in PHP, WordPress Theme

We Have a Winner – $200 Cash

The Giveaway Geek

We have a winner – $200 Cash: An other summer has come and gone but that’s fine by me as it opens up to the best time of the year in my personal opinion, Autumn! Everything starts winding down, the tourists go home, the kids go back to school, the

The Giveaway Geek

I no longer have the time or energy to run and operate two websites, so from this day forward I am combining both and The Giveaway Geek into one website. If you appreciate what I’m doing and wish to support it in some way, you can donate via PayPal;

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Recap

Wow! That was way more exhausting than I thought it would be, I had a great time doing it but it was exhausting. So sorry it took me so long to get this posted but with all that happened between my daughter’s hospital stay and Christmas I was so run $25 Gift Certificate Winner

We have another winner folks! Michael Shea is the winner of the $25 Gift Certificate! Congrats Michael! A big thanks goes out to for giving this prize and to for setting it up! Please be sure to send your gratitude to the sponsors of this site, for

Android: Netrunner Winner

Android: Netrunner

The time has finally come! We have a winner for the Android: Netrunner Giveaway, Stephen Sparks! Congratulations Stephen! A big thanks goes out to Deck60 Online and for making this giveaway a reality! Remember that these giveaways would not be possible without the generous support of my sponsors so

Mysterium & Miniature Market $25 Gift Certificate Winner


The winner of the Mysterium and Miniature Market Gift Certificate Giveaway is Malcolm Elliott! Congrats Malcolm! A big thank you goes out to Miniature Market for making this giveaway possible; without the awesomeness of my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of these amazing giveaways, so feel free to send them

We the Meeple $25 Gift Certificate Winner

Good day! I am pleased to bring you the results of another awesome giveaway! The winner of the We the Meeple $25 Gift Certificate is Riccardo Previdi! Congratulations Riccardo! A big thanks goes out to We the Meeple for generously sponsoring this giveaway and to for making it happen!

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition Winner

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition

We have a winner! First and foremost I want to thank all of you who entered in this contest, don’t grow weary in not winning. Good things come to those who wait… and continue to enter these contests. 😉 I am pleased to announce, the winner of Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe

Eldritch Horror Winner

Eldritch Horror Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone for making the Eldritch Horror Giveaway the most successful giveaway to date. What a turn out! I’m grateful to be able to run these contests I am still having a blast, if all goes well and according to plan there is more and bigger things lined up for