April Showers

April is almost upon us and that means a new giveaway. My original planned giveaway for April was going to be Viceroy, a Kickstarter game I backed but it appears as though they won’t be shipped until June or July so I had to come up with another plan. I have decided to shower the winner of April’s giveaway with a bundle of gifts to cheer your heart. I will be giving away the 7 Wonders base game with the Leaders expansion, 7 Wonders Play Mat and Card Sleeves. I have already placed the order for the bundle, I have received the base game, expansion and card sleeves in the mail already, which are featured in the image. I am still waiting on the play mat but will upload the photo as soon I get it. Let’s see if we can get this one rolling a bit smoother than the last two giveaways, with problems like referral links not working, confirmation emails not sending resulting in a lot of people not being able to complete their entry and redirection loops I have been pulling my hair out with mini panic attacks, worried that my site is broken and not repairable. Fortunately I have been able to resolve these issues but let’s all hope, pray and well wish that nothing more happens and if it does I can fix it with minimal consequence.

Thank you to those who contacted me and informed me of some of the issues, you are my heroes and saved me from disaster! Thank you to all those who are participating in my current giveaway for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, you guys are awesome!

I have put out a general invite to anyone who wants to voice their ideas to head on over to my BGG Geeklist and suggest a game they would like to see offered here as a giveaway. Thank you to all those who have submitted their input so far, I have some great suggestions.

I have posted a new wall of winners page to display the winners of my contests with their prizes, check it out and congratulate them. Most of all, good luck, have fun and be awesome!

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