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The Giveaway Geek’s goal is to work to create a community in building relationships by connecting businesses, websites and game developers with potential leads, followers and customers; while providing a fun and interesting experience for everyone.

Year to date monthly average is 28,757 page views.

The giveaway for an Amazon E-Gift Card worth $100 brought in 26829 actions among 2122 entrants.
The giveaway for the board game, Scythe brought in 24526 actions among 1650 entrants.

The Giveaway Geek’s Twitter account has over 9500 followers; Facebook page has over 5500 likes and counting.

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Banner #3-5 runs in the sidebar of the main page and all “posts”. They run a single ad in each unit.

  • $20 per month

Blog Post – Use Contact Form Below For More Detail: Submit a blog post to be published that highlights your product with links back to your site and social media outlets.

  • $15 per post.

Hosted Giveaway Promotion:

Provide an item of your choice to be given away. Provide an image of the item to display as the featured image at 900×600 and a slider image at 735×300.
Follow on Twitter and visit Facebook Page; an action will be added that will incentivize users to follow you on Twitter and visit Facebook with an option to like. Actions will also be added to incentivize users to visit your website and/or Kickstarter Campaign, as well as links and linked photos to your website and/or Kickstarter Campaign will be added in the giveaway post.
Note: Because of Facebook restrictions, Facebook likes can no longer be incentivized, however Facebook profile visits can be incentivized, along with a like button that users can optionally use.
Duration: Your choice of either 15 days or 30 days.
Price: Free, except for cost of item and shipping to the winner of the giveaway.

3rd Party Giveaways:

Are you already running a giveaway on your own and wish to spread the word? Contact me with the details: prize, how many winners, location eligibility, end date, sponsor and the URL to the giveaway page. I will post your giveaway on the “Other Giveaways” page and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Me For More Information

Facebook: giveawaygeek
Twitter: @bgamegiveaway

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