Looking to generate new leads for your website, online store or Kickstarter project?

The Giveaway Geek’s goal is to work to create a community in building relationships by connecting businesses, websites and game developers with potential leads, followers and customers; while providing a fun and interesting experience for gamers, new gamers and future gamers.


Interested in placing a banner ad on this site? Pay one payment of $30/month of advertising requested for two banners, Leaderboard 728×90 in a shared ad unit for a percentage of total impressions, Sidebar 300×250 in its own ad unit; 100% total impressions.

Giveaway Promotion:

Provide an item of your choice to be given away. Provide an image of the item to display as the featured image at 700×500 and a slider image at 735×300.
Follow on Twitter and visit Facebook Page; an action will be added that will incentivize users to follow you on Twitter and visit Facebook with an option to like. Actions will also be added to incentivize users to visit your website and/or Kickstarter Campaign, as well as links and linked photos to your website and/or Kickstarter Campaign will be added in the giveaway post.
Note: Because of Facebook restrictions, Facebook likes can no longer be incentivized, however Facebook profile visits can be incentivized, along with a like button that users can optionally use.
Duration: Your choice of either 15 days or 30 days.
Price: Free, except for cost of item and shipping to the winner of the giveaway.

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